EnvisagedCity is an important platform for me for many reasons. It provides the means for me to express the things I think about concerning cities, in an independent way. To address the immense range, complexity and interdependency of issues that are relevant to the urban conditions encountered in cities. It also enables me to write. Because having an audience — at least a potential audience — is, for me, the vital impetus to transfer my daily sketchy notes-to-self into formalised writing. And I do love writing.

Whilst a profession enables you to be engaged with the world in a way that you are interested, I increasingly find myself, in practice, outside any one conventional professional classification. EnvisagedCity offers me the freedom and autonomy to explore outside the confines of job, position and formal qualifications.

EnvisagedCity also exposes who I am to a potentially wider network of like-minded people and anyone interested in cities. This enables sharing of ideas, and growth.

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